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Singing Waiters Hire

Hire wedding singing waiters Wales

They may look like a team of professional waiters, but don't be fooled, JAL Music provide one of the best singing waters services in Wales.


This unique wedding entertainment service will really inject some fun into your day and leave your guests amazed. So, if you are looking for unexpected entertainment then this is as good as it gets!

What is more unexpected than waiters bursting out into song?

Our Singing Waiters & Their Services

JAL Music's singing waiters are based in Swansea, South Wales but provide their jaw-dropping entertainment service throughout Wales and the rest of the UK. 


Our singing waiters have been in the business long enough to know exactly how to take your guests by surprise and deliver high quality vocals every time. Over the years, they have learned which songs will bring the room to life and even get your guests on their feet. 


This somewhat unusual choice of entertainment service works well for any kind of event where guests will be sat to enjoy food or drinks, such as:

  • Weddings

  • Formal dinners

  • Corporate events

  • College & university balls

  • Garden parties 

We will communicate efficiently with you ahead of the event so that everything is planned to a tee but we also appreciate that sometimes events may run ahead or behind schedule so our singing waiters will always remain in the loop with the venue and organisers to ensure that our surprise singing waiters deliver their performance at precisely the right time. 

All of Our Singing Waiters...

Use high quality, safety tested equipment

Have full public liability insurance

Come highly recommended

We are so proud of our reputation, but dont just take our word for it...

Get in touch for more information or to hire our singing waiters  today...

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